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Elevated Seltzer

Our Story

We are two brothers that grew up in the craft beer industry that decided to create our own brand. A simple concept that started off as a "now, just hear me out" phone call manifested into the current products we offer. With an ever-changing craft beer culture, we decided to take a new approach to what we've always done and tap into the Hard Seltzer Market. That led us to be the FIRST company to open an independent, seltzer-only operation!

In a market dominated by corporate giants, we wanted to take things into our hands and do things our way. Although we like to make straight-up beer (nothing fancy, just good beer), we wanted to get into something we could be passionate about. The beer industry has changed a lot since we started in it (2002-2019) and the drive just wasn't there to love what we do. As a result, we founded Elevated Seltzer! Our hard seltzer is crafted to be different. Crafted to be brewed with quality, precision, and fun. We have always loved adventuring and seeing new places so we built our brand around it. With our seltzers, we plan to expand the world of cocktails while making each one enjoyable on its own.